Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Special Plant

Before we moved to Australia I had a wonderful plant that sat on the sill of the bathroom window, it was an amazing little treasure, it flourished in its warm sunny position for all the years I had it. What was so special about this plant was that it use to move often when I asked it to, usually this would occur as I was enjoying a long warm bath, I always lay there admiring this special little plant often talking to it (as I do with all my plant friends) anyway I began to notice that this little fellow would communicate back by stretching itself out and once it actually move in a complete circle after I asked if it could hear me! What most would say happened of course was that it was moved by a hint of breeze, however I know that this was not the case as these plants are so delicate that if that were so then most of the plant would have been effected, which of course was not the case!

When we arrived in Australia and began to settle into out home I really wished for one of these plants again, to remind me of the one I had to leave behind. At first all my searches lead me to a dead end, until I found the one you are looking at now, by chance one of two in a nursery looking somewhat neglected, not the case anymore as you will see, and much to my happiness this morning as I was sitting in the sun with Blossom, it started to gracefully move and explore its surroundings just the other one did at home, what a brilliant start to my day, it always fills me with so much joy to receive confirmation that the other Beings that share our journey here on Earth are intelligent and have feelings, just because they do not communicate in the way we do simply does not mean that they are void of all the emotions that we have, they simply communicate in more supple ways.
Therefore I always honour ALL life, in whatever form that maybe.

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