Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Morning Affirmation (2)

I AM yesterday, today and tomorrow,
I AM she who was before time began,
I AM the Dawn,
the light of the second birth,
the mystery of the Soul,
Maker of the Gods by whom are fed,
And hidden ones of Heaven,
Isis is she who opens for me the secret places of those Mighty Names of Thine,
Thy name is Everlasting,
The Dawn
The Day
The Evening
The Night
The Darkness
Thy name is the Moon
The Heart of Silence
The Lord of the unseen world,
Amen, oh Amen,
Ra is thy name,
Sun of Righteousness,
Lord of the worlds enthroned in Earth
Lord of Truth,
Father of the Gods,
Creator of Man
Maker of Beasts
Lord of Existence,
Enlightener of Earth,
Sovereigh of Life
I worship thy Spirit who made me,
Draw now aside my mystic veil,
That I may go forth into the Light of,
Thy Great Day.

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