Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moving on

Moving on is not something the majority of the human race does well, we like nothing better than to hold onto the past with such intensity that we create so much dis-harmony within our lives. What is it that we are afraid of? Why is it that many people relish playing a 'poor me' or a 'victim' not seeing that their thoughts, words and deeds are creating the dis-harmony that they so despise! That is not to say that those like myself are immune to dramas unfolding within their lives, the difference is we search for what the challenge means, what it is telling us about our actions or our thinking, where we may require work, or perhaps to slow down and be still. Holding on to any issues from your past, be it yesterday, last week or years ago serves NO purpose within your life now, it is gone, therefore you can not change it, so why fret or relive it again and again? I know that I have been venturing down that path recently playing the movie, why did I do that, (see Hindsight) and as a result I am stopped by a twisted knee. Your joints represent direction, movement, moving forward in life, your legs are what carry you forward, taking you into your tomorrows, I see this and AM working upon my release, and my direction. I know that I often feel like I have let myself down when I appear to relapse and return to old ways, although at times it is other people who hamper my spiritual journey, (again because I allow them to get into my head) seeing your energy so out of sync that you begin the downward spiral into mis-alignment and dis-harmony. My own self doubts have been laid to rest, I am able to understand why I am here, I know that some of it is due to my own actions and thoughts, however the majority is due to other people and their reluctance to let the past go. It is so easy for other people to blame you for everything that goes wrong in their lives, to find a scape goat who can take the blame for all that is wrong with them or where they are in life instead of facing the fact that they themselves are where they are without the help of anyone else. It does not matter whether it is a job or a relationship, whatever your issue is, you chose to be where you are, and until you decide to take responsibility and do the inner work required there you will stay, stuck in a life you do not like. Only we are in control of every aspect of our own life, no one else can hurt us verbally or physically unless we allow it, and if we find our self in a job or a relationship, (this includes friendships) that causes us pain, then release it, let it go, it has served it purpose it is no longer relevant. Most people are afraid to let go of the past and to move into uncharted territory because they have a fear of the unknown, the same can be said of their reluctance to let go of issues that they replay in their minds, over and over again, they are safe with these devils that haunt them, what would they be without them? FREE, free to begin manifesting a life that is designed by them, taking responsibility for ALL their actions and thoughts, and knowing that what they have they created is what they get, and if this life that they have created is not to their liking, then by simply changing how they think and what words they use they will begin to change their reality. I know when I first began my road to Ascension this was a difficult concept for me to take on board, I had up until that point in my life been dealt a pretty rotten hand, why on earth would I have done this to myself? Because it was what I wanted to learn from in this life, every situation we have is for our highest learning, we design our life lessons before we incarnate upon this planet, we choose who will be our parents, children and lovers, and from these encounters we are given the opportunity to grow, to move through the pain. It is only when we decide to hang onto the past, using it as a n excuse to stop living that we encounter hardship, depression, frustration, illness and hate, be that self hatred or hate directed towards another! All the scenes we play over and over in our mind cause us to become stuck and bitter, passing blame and judgement onto others in our life instead of taking responsibility for our own life. Responsibility = the ability to respond in any situation, the choice is ALWAYS yours, no one can make you do anything, or go anywhere you do not truly wish to go, you decide, it is easier to pass the blame onto someone else, especially when you are not entirely happy with where you are now, to say it was their fault is a cop out, its only reward is to see you stay exactly where you are, full of self pity and anger! When you begin to see your life as a canvas, each day you have the ability to paint a little more, creating a picture of perfect harmony. Why would you repaint the same scene over and over? You would not, so why rewind your mind to play things that happened long ago, or even yesterday, why not dream of new and exciting possibilities, a new harmonious life, one filled with peace, happiness, stillness and love? See the power in your thoughts, choose your words and thoughts wisely, take control of your life, all aspects of your life and step into your new tomorrows without fear, illness, lack or suffering, create the life you desire and live the life you are here to live, the one you have total control over!

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