Sunday, March 11, 2007


I feel as if a new chapter is about to begin, something has shifted within me, I feel as if the next step is a vital one, that my testing is about over, that I am coming of age so to speak in my search for Oneness. Each moment of our lives is a test to our soul, in every thought and reaction we have we set in motion our next lesson or gift, however in reality both are the same. Whatever hardship we present ourselves with, will in fact give to us a gift of growth for our soul, once we see that we have created our current circumstances ourselves we are free to transcend that lesson and move on. There is no right or wrong in our lives, there just is. When we take responsibility for our actions we take control of our lives. We do not require to look outside the self for answers, and no other person can 'fix' us, we are the only ones who can heal what is out of sync within our being, although others may offer guidance they cannot heal what is broken within us, that we can only do ourselves when we take back our power and become responsible for every action and thought we have, in doing so we aid the healing of the planet.

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