Sunday, March 25, 2007

Magic Moments

The night before last as I lay with my legs dangling in the pool gazing up at the starry sky I watched as a star (craft) moved across the sky. No, it wasn't a plane, or a satellite, it was what looked like a star, yet of course it wasn't. My connection to the sky has always been strong, I feel more connected to myself, when I am outside, whether it is day or night, I feel more peaceful, somehow closer to myself, to my true home. Since being a child I have always stared at the sun, (of course my mother had a fit and said I would go blind) I still do it I everyday, connecting myself to the radiant central Sun that does more than shed light upon this planet of ours, and the Moon with its gentle beauty and luminous heavenly light also fills my soul with serenity and stills me. The universe really is a magnificent place, full of wonder and unexpected beauty wherever you look. I am blessed to see the magic that surrounds me every second of the day or night in whatever forms or guises that maybe. I am so honoured to me, right here, right NOW, knowing that although at times I feel very isolated from my celestial roots, I am in fact closer than I think!

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