Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost Mojo

How a person feels about themself in a sensual manner is difficult for others to comprehend, when your 'mojo' goes missing it can create all sorts of false conceptions about yourself as a sensual or sexual being. Speaking from experience, I know that what people often see in me is NOT what I see in myself, and although to the world I may often present an image that is by all accounts a confident and sensual woman, that is not how I feel on the inside. I know at times I have struggled to find myself at all appealing to anyone of the opposite sex, and when gazing in the mirror (especially when naked) I have been repelled by what stood before me, and attempting to get 'in the mood' has been as easy as climbing Mt Everest!
I know that my self belief in the delicate area of sensuality has a lot to do with the body image I was given as a child, teenager and adult, various people manipulate their often screwed up views onto you and you are then left to sort through the debris that is left. Having the experience of sexual abuse as a child I feel has been the major cause for this imbalance within my soul, however adding to that comments from jealous women and cruel lovers has taken its toll over the years. It is easy to look at someone and judge them by their outward appearance, thinking that the aesthetic image is all there is to consider if a person is sexually confident or not, this is a fallacy, no one can possible know what is occurring within the mind of another, and although the appearance of the person standing before you may be desirable or erotic, do not be lulled into the false sense that this person is all you are dreaming of.
Never judge a book by it cover, because unless you wear someone else's shoes you can never understand their life completely.

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