Friday, March 23, 2007


I have just finished reading The Bridges of Madison County again, this book is a simple tale of love, deep profound and never ending love, love that survives a separation of twenty two years, yet in this time it never dies, its rawness and passion is smoldering and consuming even though their brief affair lasted only four days.

Why is it that this book moves me so much? The emotions I feel from this writing are so moving and heart wrenching for me that my heart feels their pain, their silent suffering, perhaps it gives credence to my view that we are in fact all one, that when you open your soul you are able to connect with others on this deep soul level, the level of existence that takes us back to source. To know love this deep, love that transcends continents and decades must be rare, how many people love like this? in this primitive and consuming manner, how many would even want to in this day and age of instant gratification?

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