Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Courageous Souls

I do not normally want to tell my family and friends to read a book, however this one is an exception, I want the WORLD to read this book, it is amazing. If you read my post Life, ( 3/11/06) you will see that this is backing up what I said then, after my years of searching and growing as a person I knew intuitively that there was more to this world than we were taught, so much of our power was kept from us in our quest for growth and transition within our spiritual journey. I found this book so inspiring although myself I feel I have broken through the veil that has kept me from knowing why I endured all I did, however I still have a few more bridges to cross before I feel settled in knowing that I have achieved all I set out to do.
I know that forgiveness was the key to so much of what had happened to me, and even though some people have returned home (passed over) I knew that when I said that I forgave them and myself I knew it was heard, I even knew that those who are still alive yet estranged from me, they too heard my words of compassion and forgiveness, it was not necessary to tell them in person, they hear it in the heart.
I feel that this book is a gift to all of us, and it can allow all of us to see that there is no tragedy, it is all as it was designed to be, agreed by us and our fellow travellers for our growth, that we are all one, connected by invisible threads that pulse through us and connect in our hearts. We are only here for a moment in time, a brief encounter with this physical realm to learn and to grow, to experience this physical realm and all the negative emotions that come with it, to learn compassion and to know that love is all there is, in every situation you find yourself in there is only love, when I personally look back to my childhood, to my birth and wonder why did my mother not want me, why did my adoptive parents abuse me, I now know, for my spiritual growth, I understand that I wanted this experience, even though I still wish to know why, I understand that it was all done out of love, and that makes all the difference.

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