Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Change Your View

Driving home today from the shops I noticed much to my dismay that some land was being leveled ready for MORE new homes to be built, a massive sign stood in front of this destroyed land that read 'Change Your View', as I sat in my car waiting for the traffic lights to change I thought of the thousands of marsupials, mammals, reptiles, birds, trees, insects and hundreds of other beings who have been murdered or lost their homes all because of mans greed and his never ending quest to destroy every inch of this planet. As it is Perth is one long suburb, it mingles into to one, there is no distinction between one ending and another starting, on and on it sprawls. Here in this city they have destroyed the bushland. Even the foothills that surround the city of Perth are being sold off for the ever important dollar, people are cashing in on the 'good' times and I feel that they are not thinking about the future. At this rate the only living Australian animals will be the ones in the zoos, living a life of captivity, at least they are not dead or hunted! I wonder if anyone else thinks about the impact all this building is having on the environment, the animals in particular, there will be no native animals left at this rate, between the building and the shooting Australians are causing the extinction of their native treasures. I know which view I prefer, the one of native bushland, of families of kangaroos and cockatoos feeding, but that beautiful piece of bushland is now gone forever to be replaced with yet more houses.

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