Thursday, November 16, 2006


Ever wonder why we follow the Gregorian calendar? Ever wonder if there is more to a day than we really know in this western world of materialism? Three years ago I discovered, quite by accident I may add (however there are NO accidents) the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar this calendar has changed my life. Gone are the days of celebrating or mourning yearly events that are no longer relevant in my life. I now wake everyday and wonder what energies are coming in, what my daily affirmation will be. It has been so natural to fall into the rhythm of this method of time keeping, and I have found that the longer I follow this calendar the more I retreat from main-stream life, the aggression, competition and repetitive nature that our lives normally follow. I no longer am told what day to be nice to my mother or father, which day I should become depressed about a disaster that happen somewhere in the world. I now have the enjoyment of watching a new day manifest right before my eyes, feeling the excitement and wonder fill me as I write my daily affirmation. This year is the Year of The Red Magnetic Moon (July 26 2006 - July 25 2007) " I unify in order to purify" these years are even, 13 months that relate to the thirteen moons we have every year, and they all have 28 days, with one day out of time between the years ends and the new beginning. It has a natural rhythm and changing to this calendar is easier than you think. This calendar is a gift to humanity in these days of change. I feel for me that this calendar has given me so much peace and a harmony, it has complemented my journey by returning to the ancient wisdom of our forefathers. It teaches of our interplanetary guides and of the power we all hold as creators of our own destiny. My life has always been different to the 'mainstream' view of what life should be, I never really fitted in, always knew that there was more to life than people actually knew. That there was something artificial about this controlled existence we have. The powers that be like nothing better than for all of us to be so easy to control and to keep us busy that we do not have time to think or to question the way our society is governed. We are taught that life is hard, it is a mundane existence that involves us being miserable as we plod along in our repetitive lives. I have said goodbye to that mentality I know that there is so much more to being here on this planet and experiencing life in a human body. Life is a miracle, all life from an ant to a whale, animate and inanimate objects, everything in this world is a amazing miracle and this calendar will assist many to reclaiming and understanding the gift that they have been given by being here, NOW.

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