Friday, November 03, 2006


Life I have found is a journey that never ceases to amaze, it is full of personal growth, insights and deep awakenings that never fails astound me with their intensity and power, to be able to transcend personal challenges, we as humans as a rule are so caught up in the ‘real’ world of work and relationships that we fail to see what it is we are here to do. I know that my own journey is one that at times becomes deeply frustrating as I continue upon my path. Each of us has their own lessons and each of us is responsible in reality for one person only, that is our self, it may sound somewhat selfish yet the less time we spend worrying about what other people are doing and more time focusing entirely upon our path and our goals the more harmonious our life becomes. It is also relevant at this point to remember the connection we all share, and not just in our personal and family relationships, but also with all life, all animate and inanimate objects, because the reality is it is all part of the same source, the god I AM. I know as my journey continues and my understanding and knowledge deepens I AM able to see the beauty and magnificence in all that I see. What we as a race do not always understand is that nothing happens to us that we have not agreed to, we are the conductors of our lives, we orchestrate every detail of what occurs in our life, then when we do not like the way it pans out we set about blaming others or circumstances not realising that our thoughts are living energy that manifests into our reality, whether we actually like this or not. It is also I feel for the vast majority of humanity a truth that they would rather go on denying, I mean lets face it, it is far easier to go on blaming everyone else for our down falls rather that take control and sort ourselves out! We become involved in frivolous and ridiculous scenarios that we believe are out of our control to change. We see some people as being cruel and manipulative towards us causing our life to be unhappy and stressful, when in fact it is us who creates these scenes. I know from my own point of view when I first realised that this not only made sense, but was in fact true it placed a whole new light upon every situation and relationship that I have been involved in. Having the ability to stand firm in this realisation is of course a harsh awakening to what we as a race are capable of creating, and how out of control we really are! I know when I look back on my own life and I see the pain and the suffering I have endured, how I had spent so many years attempting to overcome and surpass the obstacles and people that I felt were standing in my way, I was actually making it worse. I spent so much time getting into other peoples heads, blaming them for my pain, depression, suffering, unhappiness, lack of love, misery……… need I go on? Nothing happens in our life by chance, not one single thing; we co-create the entire life play that we lead. Every situation or lesson if you will is designed by us, for us to learn and to exceed the challenge that is placed before us. We on a soul level choose who will assist us in our learning, and it is all planned out in the tiniest detail, every apparent coincidence is in fact planned out in advance and it simply awaits the exact moment it is required to enter our life. Taking this into consideration for most people is a rather shocking discovery and of course many refuse to believe that they have co-created the distressing and painful challenges that their life has in fact given them, I too was one of them!!! It was with my guides and interplanetary teachers that I reach what I can only call my crescendo when I realised that if all things are connected, all things are god, then the aspect of god that is apparently causing / caused me harm is in all reality another part of myself, another apparition of god I AM. Now then that puts a whole new slant upon my years as poor me and victim, of seeing certain people in my life as the instigators of my suffering and demise. It has given me an unexplainable peace to know that all that has happened to me I agreed to, and without these lessons I most certainly would not be sitting here in my lounge room at dawn writing these words with a heart full of love for all my life has given me. To know that the ones who have given me the harshest lessons, actually gave me my power, it was seeing that I was able to take control at any time and either walk away from a situation or to see that I was in fact looking directly at another aspect of my self. Another part of god! If all of us are divine then nothing is wrong, all life lessons and experiences are given to us because that is exactly what we have asked to experience whilst we are on this planet. This took me a great deal of time to digest and to comprehend, as it really does take a lot of love to be able to look at one who has ‘caused you pain’ and realise that they are only doing what was agreed on a soul level before we were incarnated into this current life. And to make this even more complicated if we are arranging with these other aspects of ‘our self’ to assist us on our awakening then it stands to reason that within the realm of spirit we actually know and love these beings that stand before us radiating negative vibrations! That is a total head spin I know, yet god does not choose certain ones of us to be apart of the ALL that IS, to believe that one would be rather naïve. I know in my own time I too have taken this rather naïve view, and it has caused my ‘suffering’ to continue until I realised that I was the one that held the power to transcend the situation. To truly be a healer / light worker on this planet at this time I feel is an honour to my integrity and dedication to remembering who I really am, and more importantly what everyone else really is too, whether or not they are currently upon the path to awakening is irrelevant, they to are still aspects of god! When one can behold the one before them with deep compassion and love, especially when this being is the instigator of pain and suffering, then that is true love. To know that we have created this situation for our learning and when the challenge is ongoing then we have not seen the light. We can not possibly be healers if we hold hatred in our hearts for any other person or race on this planet, unconditional love is exactly that unconditional, and to withhold this love from anyone is to withhold love from our self. The human race has become obsessed with what happens to others, they have begun to believe all the non-sense they read in the newspapers as really having an effect on their life. The majority of us are so unaware of our own power as creator gods, that they believe totally in the propaganda that is fed to us via all media publications, believing that there is absolutely nothing they can do to make the world a better place! Wrong, if they stayed completely in their own head, took responsibility for their actions, (responsibility – the ability to respond to a situation) and viewed every other person in this world as another aspect of themselves, then this world would turn around, we would see the destruction, violence and hatred dissolve, we would begin to live in a harmonious and loving environment.

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lol, your first post is as long as a book. Just read the first and the last paragraph. forgive me yaar!

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