Monday, November 27, 2006

Fear and Love

Fear stops you loving and love stops your fear, how many people in the world create fearful situations just because they do not want to open up to love? How many people in the world are so fearful of loving that they stay hung up on the past, allowing hatred, anger, revenge and guilt to rule their lives? In every situation that you encounter pain and anguish there is the greatest gift, the gift of growth. Too many times in life you see people holding on to the past, allowing anger, fear and hate to rule their lives. They become caught up in the past, reliving these events time and time again. Those that can not see that whatever happens to each of us within personal relationships is a lesson for the soul, and each soul has a different lesson to learn. Each person is only responsible for their own growth, not for anyone else. The more one holds onto painful and stressful memories the more fear they create. Fear takes over their life, it engulfs them, they feed off it. They can not do without it. They need it. They thrive upon causing pain towards others whom they feel have 'wronged' them and the taste of revenge is sweet in their mouth. They crave to control, to manipulate with fearful threats that they hope will make the other person do exactly what they want, which of cause is to play they nasty games. When will they see that to release the past with love will set them free? When will they begin to truly live life? Why do they not see that by chaining yourself to the past you never truly live your life. And when will they see that what happened yesterday, last year, last week is no longer relevant in their life now. They can not change it, so why hold onto it?

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